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Meet the Shop Owner


Hi, I’m Fran! Proud Dog Mom to a rambunctious Aussie named Milo, Plant Parent, lover of all things Harry Potter, Travel, Coffee and the face behind WanderlustBee.

I learned the basics of crochet when I was about ten years old but only just picked it back up a little over seven years ago while away on a work trip.

I was in between flights one afternoon so I went looking for a cup of coffee from a little kiosk in the San Juan Airport. They were out of the paper sleeves so they double cupped my drink but it was still so incredibly hot to hold so I grabbed a handful of napkins. As someone who tries to limit the use of paper products, I felt so guilty!

One of my coworkers was working on a crochet scarf for the upcoming Winter season so I asked if she would let me borrow some yarn and a crochet hook so I could make a sleeve and the rest was history. WanderlustBee was officially born September 10, 2015.

Wanderlust (n) - a strong desire to travel and explore the World. Bee is a nickname given to me by my mom who says that even as a kid, I always had to be busy doing something. My shop name pays homage to my other full time job as a Flight Attendant.